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WooCommerce Swatches ( Color, Image and Label Swatch )
WooCommerce Swatches ( Color, Image and Label Swatch )

WooCommerce Color, Image and Label Swatches

WooCommerce Product Attribute Swatches

The most dynamic WooCommerce Swatch extension for product attributes that supports custom attributes too.  As well as, Which adds three types ( Color, Image, and Label or Text ) of product attribute show types with WooCommerce by default product attribute show type. In addition,  it converts product attribute dropdown in single product template into swatch or swatches.

You can show product attribute swatch or swatches in WooCommerce Shop page, Cart page, Users’ order item page, Product archive pages and Email template too.

WooCommerce product swatches extension easily allows you to add a new term to product attribute ( color, image or label swatch ) in data tab while editing a product.

Main Features of WooCommerce color, image, label swatches

  • Settings available in WordPress default customizer
  • Awesome Three Swatch types – Color, Image and Label type
  • Allowed Nice Swatch sizes – Tiny, Small, Medium, Large
  • Supported Swatch shapes – Circle, Square and Rounded Square
  • Swatch Position – After Product Title, Before Product Title or Use Shortcode
  • Amazing Global settings for WooCommerce Product Category display settings
  • Global Swatch or Swatches settings for WooCommerce Cart and Checkout page show settings
  • active Tooltip
  • available for Tooltip background color
  • Option for Tooltip text color
  • Live Preview for all options or settings
  • Flexible swatch Border color
  • Customize activate swatch Border color
  • Swatches in
    • Shop ( Product Catalog ) and Product Archive page
    • Cart and Checkout
    • Order Item Meta
    • Email Template too  :)
  • Compatible with WPML
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