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make website with WordPress
make website with WordPress

Make a WordPress Website

How to make a WordPress website  in 30 minutes?

You are here to make your website using WordPress in only 30 minutes. if you don’t know how to install WordPress on local computer please spend 5 minutes to know it. How to install WordPress on local server?

After installing WordPress, you should go Appearance => Themes => add new

you can upload themes also if you have zip format theme. if you want to use WordPress free themes from online, you may search any kinds of theme from right side search bar. look i put “travel” and got some suggested themes.


After choosing theme, just hover which theme you want to install. i hovered 3rd themes and see 2 buttons “install” and “preview”. you can check preview of theme also can click to install buttton. After installation you need to activate it on your WordPress.

After activate theme, you will see screen like below. you can customize theme based on theme options/functionality because each theme has different options or functionality.  Here a notice showing to install plugins. just click on “Begin install plugins” if this notice shows here and install as well as activate it accordingly.

When you finished the installation and activation of theme, you are you able to create new pages, add new plugins and many more. Basically, in a website we need to create Home, about, service, contact us pages to start any website. we are adding a home page here. you may add many more pages as you wish.

from pages => add new . you may create any page as well as you may save your page before publishing your any page. Before getting ready fully, you need to click on “save draft” button from the right side of bar. after making all things in a page, you need to click “Publish” button to publish it.


Like this way, you may create more and more pages easily.

In a WordPress website, we need to add plugin to get extra benefits in WordPress. if WordPress is the body of a website, plugin is the heart. so, you should understand the significance of WordPress plugin.  you may add any types of plugin from plugins => add plugin or upload plugin from “upload plugin” button of add plugin page.


WordPress gives you a way to publish post quickly and easily. From Posts => Add New . Just click on the Add New page and you will get like a below page. From this page, you may add your image, content for a post. After, adding all things on a post, just click “Publish” button to publish it. simple and easy.  As well as, you can add different categories , Tags etc,. Specially, in blog post, we need to add “Featured Image” so that we can attract our visitor properly. You can add image in a blog post from “Featured Image” easily. so, like this way, you may add more and more posts easily in your WordPress website.


In Any website, we need to add menu. From WordPress, if you want to add menu, you need to click on Appearance => Menus .  You need to add your created pages into menu. You don’t need to create extra menu. Just you can add your already created pages as a menu. In Addition, from this part, you can add posts, custom menu link, categories as a menu .

WordPress Menu Adding


Besides above steps, you may add more things like contact form, seo plugin etc. from : How to start a Blog in WordPress ?

More useful plugins for your WordPress website.

Caching Plugin : W3 Total Cache

Back Up plugin: updraftplus

Google Analytics: Google Analytics

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