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Post Affiliate Pro

Post Affiliate Pro

Post Affiliate Pro: Choose Your Best Affiliate Manager

E-commerce has become the fastest growing industry of the coming days. A large amount of purchases is made through online stores and proper marketing campaigns are required to gain the attention of the consumers. But most of us fail to find an efficient marketing campaign for our business. Rather we often lose our hard-earned money in expensive campaigns that hardly helps in our business. As a result, we often find ourselves in a position from where running business gets tougher than how it was before.

To overcome this challenge, affiliate marketing is a much convenient tool than any other campaigns, especially for those who are running startup business. Affiliate marketing is running for several years, though many of us don’t know much about it. There are mainly two reasons behind that. One is we largely depend on other marketing campaigns and don’t pay much attention here. And the other is lack of knowledge about affiliate marketing tools. Moreover, it’s always hard to choose the best tool from many available options.

Now, what can be the solution for this marketing problem?
Post Affiliate Pro- it is something that can be called as the best solution for every affiliate marketing problems. If you are a newbie in online business – it has a smart user-friendly interface for you. If you run a brand, Post Affiliate Pro has some efficient plans to make your brand much shinier.

So, let’s check out how ‘Post Affiliate Pro’ can resolve your problems and what its features are.

Post Affiliate Pro

Post Affiliate Pro is an impressive solution to your eCommerce marketing campaign. This affiliate software helps to track your program and monitor your entire network in a fast and pretty effective way. You will be provided full access to the affiliate panel, you can check all the purchases and commissions, and you don’t have to be an expert to maintain it.

It has a solid tracking method, a user-friendly merchant panel and an effective scaling system. A common practice in affiliate marketing to get success is to keep the current affiliates engaged. This is where Post Affiliate Pro helps you by monitoring commission payouts in an automated affiliate program.

Features of Post Affiliate Pro

Before going to any further description, let’s have a quick look at the key features of Post Affiliate Pro. It’ll surely amaze you!

  • Friendly user interface
  • Affiliate management
  • Integration to system
  • Banner Management
  • Multilingual Support
  • Promotional materials
  • Wide tracking system
  • Various commissions
  • Marketpress integration
  • Fraud detection
  • Large scale of reports
  • Rewards on the basis of performance
  • Short codes for affiliates

PostAffiliatePro - Affiliate Tracking Software

You will get hundreds of features while using Post Affiliate Pro. Here is a brief description of the main features to help you out.

Friendly User Interface

When you are using something very new to you, the user interface becomes one of the most important factors of judging it. If it looks friendly and helps someone to navigate smoothly, it gains the trust immediately. And this is exactly what Post Affiliate Pro’s interface offers. Most users have found this easier and smarter than other affiliate tools.

One of the best features of Post Affiliate Pro is its customizable interface. You can find all the necessary contents in one place, still you can customize it using CSS template files. You can change the design, add or remove forms and files, or can simply choose any design from the merchant panel.

The multilingual system is another very important feature of Post Affiliate Pro’s user interface. You can go through the functions and settings of the software using your preferred language. There are 37 languages available in it, and the number increases regularly to make it more user-friendly.

You will get some option features like Custom Themes and Multiple Merchants. From pretty simple to bold themes, you can pick up anything. Moreover, the multiple merchant feature allows you to have multiple user in merchant and other roles. Post Affiliate Pro also uses Web 2.0 (Ajax) applications, which makes it faster than other regular applications.

Wide Tracking System

To gain the trust of your affiliates, you need to have a solid tracking system. Post Affiliate Pro offers a variety of tracking methods that helps you to keep the clarity. It has numerous affiliate link styles, you can either select one of them or make any suitable customization. There is also an optional feature called Tracking Codes that helps the merchant to generate custom tracking codes.

Anyone who has the least knowledge about affiliate software marketing knows about Direct Link Tracking. Direct link is one of the most important features that helps to get a higher place in Google rank. This tracking method of Post Affiliate Pro is reliable up to 99%.

Fraud Protection is also a very vital feature of Post Affiliate Pro’s tracking methods. It not only keeps your store safe from fraudulent approaches, also protects your site from any repeated orders. If you get orders from any banned IP or more than usual orders from the same IP, Fraud Protection will detect it and you will be able to block or decline those IP addresses.

We all who run online stores have to deal with various currencies. Post Affiliate Pro tracks down multiple currencies and converts them to the currency you select using its currency rate updater. You can also run campaigns for a certain amount of affiliates using its Private Campaign feature. All these tracking methods keep an exact data of your commissions.


Reports are vastly important elements that show the real progress of your affiliate programs. You can track all activities of your affiliates using the Audit Log feature. To know how your business is doing in different countries, you can simply go through the Map Overlay Report, while the Online User Report will offer you real-time data. To compare the performances of your affiliates, the Top Affiliates Report will provide you a complete list using several performance parameters. You can also use Quick Reports to have all the necessary data in one single frame.

Pros and Cons of Post Affiliate Pro

According to a huge number of users, these are the pro of using Post Affiliate Pro as an affiliate marketing tool:

  • Post Affiliate Pro is easy to set up
  • Wide range of tracking features
  • Automation for new users
  • Customization for choosy users
  • Brilliant split/multi tier commission features
  • Private campaign facilities
  • Helps in attracting new affiliates
  • Flexibility
  • Excellent customer support
  • Performance rewards

You can hardly find any cons in Post Affiliate Pro. There is a one common complaint; it doesn’t have a detailed set up guideline, which may trouble a new user. But Post Affiliate Pro provides a brilliant customer service, which is always there to solve your every problem.

Pricing Overview of Post Affiliate Pro

There are mainly 3 plans available with Post Affiliate Pro, they are:

$97 / Per Month$197 / Per Month$477 /Per Month
If you have a small or medium-sized online store, this is a go to package. It comes with solid tracking methods and enough flexibility.This package is suitable for medium to large-sized affiliate programs. It provides a full-scale management authority with advanced functionalities.The Network comes with some unlimited features, which is the ultimate solution to your all affiliate programs.

Post Affiliate Pro also provides a 14–day free trial package. You will get 365-days customer support and free lifetime updates along with all the packages.

Affiliate marketing has become the most effective method of increasing the popularity of eCommerce sites and online stores. It can rapidly boost your online business and you will never feel running out of money if you can choose the right affiliate marketing tool. It’s best to do a bit of research before buying any product or package. And it is almost certain that you will get amazed when you will be going through the users review of Post Affiliate Pro.

Be wise and Happy Affiliate Marketing.

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