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Responsive Posts Carousel WordPress Plugin
Responsive Posts Carousel WordPress Plugin

Responsive Posts Carousel WordPress Plugin

WordPress Responsive Posts Carousel is a easy, lightweight and powerful WordPress Plugin that lets you show Posts, Gallery Images, E-commerce/WooCommerce Products, and all other custom post types in a touch-enabled carousel/slider. You can pick from 50+ ready to use templates and can customize them as per your requirements using the Live Theme Editor. There are a ton of settings and options available to make your gorgeous post carousel/slider in just little minutes. You can  build around all types of carousels/sliders including ShowCase, Vertical Slider, Multi-Row Slider, etc. The number of columns for sliders can be defined differently for each devices (Mobile, Tablet, and  Desktop) and Equal Height mode creates your slides more amazed and symmetrical. The custom image size can also be selected to enhance page load speed and the lazy load option lets you show your carousel/slider as the page loads.

The Post selection criteria are also easy and flexible and you can show your cpts/posts by IDs, date, author, type, status, taxonomy, term and even by custom meta. Custom ordering lets you manage and sort your slides as per your requirements. Placeholder Image can be used for those posts which don’t have a Featured Image. Specific posts can also be detached from the selected criteria.

You can show custom meta of cpts/posts in the slider. Advanced Custom Fields are also supported. All themes/templates can be overridden to make alters in them by copying them in the Theme’s/Child Theme’s directory, just like WordPress’s other theme/template files. popular Page Builders are also supported to show the actual content rather than printing the actual shortcodes.

Features of WP Responsive Posts Carousel

  • Amazing 50+ Templates: Yeah! there are popular 50+ fresh, unique and modern templates available to choose from.
  • Easy & Simple Selection: Easy & Simple post selection. You can choose by post IDs, taxonomies or terms.
  • Responsiveness: Its 100% fully responsive and scales with its container.
  • Social Sharing options: Nice 15+ Social Medias to choose from, to show their buttons on templates.
  • Custom Meta available: show custom meta for title and description.
  • RTL Mode: Effective Right to Left mode can also be turned on.
  • WooCommerce Support: Supported with WooCommerce, provide meta key woo_price to display formatted price of product.
  • RWD Options: Various layout settings for Mobile, Tablet and Desktop devices.
  • Vertical Mode available: Vertical slide mode is also available to show in the sidebars.
  • Custom Animations/easing: 24 Animations available to choose for slide transition.
  • Custom Image Sizes options: You can load any sizes of Featured Image registered by your template/theme.
  • Placeholder post: Set a by default image for those posts which don’t have any featured image.
  • Grid Mode: You can also display multiple rows of posts in a single slider.
  • Lazy Loading: Lazy loading for large images.
  • Infinite loop: Infinite looping and center mode.
  • Equal Height Mode: Fix images height without stretching them to make all templates same in size.
  • Child Theme Support available: Load templates from your theme if you want to make changes in them.
  • CPT Support available: All custom post types are supported including testimonials, portfolios etc.
  • ACF Support available: Supported with Advanced Custom Fields to display custom meta values in templates.
  • Custom Ordering system: Sort your carousel items by date, IDs, titles or any custom meta order.
  • Accessibility: Swipe to slide and desktop mouse dragging support.
  • Navigation/Arrows: Arrows and bottom navigation indicator dots.
  • Arrow/Navigation Styles: 10 arrow styles and custom settings to customize them.
  • Auto Play options: Auto Play with custom slide duration and custom speed.
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