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Skystra – Simple, Efficient, and Secure Web Hosting

What is the most important element of modern-day business? Having a website of your own, isn’t it? And what are the requirements that you must fulfill to grow the business through a website? Registering a domain name for your site, building an e-commerce store, cloud resourcing, and creating a professional email. That’s a huge task list!

Then the question arises, how can I do all these things alone, is there someone who can get all these done for me? The answer is – Yes, there exists such a company! You just have to pay a visit to Skystra, a web services company, and they can solve your web hosting problems in minutes.

Here, we will try to explore the features you can get from Skystra, and summarize why Skystra is the best web hosting company for bloggers and creators.

What is Skystra?

Skystra is a technology infrastructure company that provides web services including web hosting, website security, emails, domain names, and cloud hosting. To bring your ideas online, they provide a high-performance web service. Whether you are a blogger, photographer, entrepreneur, influencer, or social influencer, you can create your own website and professional emails with Skystra.


The First Steps of Starting a Blog

To start a blog of your own, you have to buy a domain name, an address for your site. Then you have to find a web host provider who will host your website domain. After that, you can start building your WordPress site following some simple steps.

But, if you are a beginner, all these steps may seem too hard to follow. The trickiest part of this process is finding the most suitable web hosting company. If you search on Google, you will get to see so many different web host providers. They all are not bad, neither all are that good. And, for a beginner, you need not just a good service provider, also a reliable place that comes with simplicity and reliability.

Skystra stands out here with its efficiency and simplicity. It has nothing to do with your coding skill level, even if you have zero ideas about coding, you can start building your WordPress website minutes after subscribing to Skystra. It has a super simple navigation panel, you can use different themes, drag and drop tools from the dashboard.

Whenever you face any difficulties there, you will find their world-class service team ready to answer all your questions. This will surely boost your speed and your ability to create your site with more confidence.

Why You Should Start Your Blog with Skystra

We rate Skystra as one of the best web hosting and service companies on our list. We have listed some important features of Skystra below to show you its efficiency.

Fully Covered Technology: From domain names to websites and emails, Skystra covers them all. It has already powered more than 500,000 websites, and the number is growing every day. The ability to build a website on any niche makes them one of the most flexible web hosting companies in the world.

WordPress Support: Skystra is fully optimized for WordPress, you can use any theme with them. You will fall in love with the speed as WordPress websites load 87% faster on their platform. No coding skill is required, you can check for the best plug-ins and install them instantly with a single click. Using the drag and drop feature, you can easily customize the website the way you like.

Skystra’s premium caching will make your website load even quicker and their world-class customer support will assist you in every step of site-building.

WooCommerce Powered by Skystra: An online store plays a vital role in every online business. You can build your e-commerce store with Skystra, which is nicely optimized for WooCommerce. You will hold full control of your site and data. You can choose from different payment methods, add them to your store, and start selling your products by integrating with the shipping providers. It will cost you nothing to customize your store, and unlike other e-commerce providers, Skystra does not take a percentage of your revenue.

There are thousands of other free features from their store. Change your content or theme whenever you’d like.


Free SSL Certificate: SSL encryption is totally free and automatically installed on the platform. The moment you subscribe to it, an SSL certificate will be installed, and every connection will be encrypted. Visitors to your blog will find a padlock icon on their browser’s bar along with a security sign, which will make them feel safe on your site. It is compatible with all browsers and devices.

Transparency: Transparency is another key feature of Skystra. You will get a transparency report to see how your money was distributed and where it was used. With Skystra, you know exactly where your money is going.

Software Integration: To run a website, you will need many tools and software. Skystra builds a large range of software in-house, which can help you to manage and secure your data.

24/7 Customer Support: Skystra doesn’t use any chatbot for customer support. There will be human support every time someone seeks help. This gives a warm feeling to the customers when they find a human on the other side of their monitor.

Solid Infrastructure: Your data will have minimal impact on the environment, as they use 100% renewable energy in the data center. They keep their focus strong on maintaining the network and reinvest to keep the infrastructure as compatible as possible.

Proper Marketing: They don’t just run ads, rather look inside the industry you are working on, find efficient strategies, and try to grow the audience organically as much as possible.

Dedicated Research and Development: Technology is such a sector where a new invention can change the whole dimension of a market. They own a passionate and skillful research and development team that continuously works on creating new ideas and features.

Skystra Pricing

There are three tiers of Skystra pricing and packages. From beginners to pro – there is a suitable package for everyone, starting at $3.89 only.


You can get a domain name locked with protection at $12.29/year. You can also look for other domain names with different extensions including .net, .tech, .co, .io and .org.

Affiliate Program of Skystra

Skystra offers you to earn money using their strong affiliate program. They will provide you with a unique affiliate link, and every single subscription they get through that link will be counted as your sale. So, the theory of this program is very simple, share the affiliate link, and start earning.

We found some honest user reviews of Skystra on WebHostReviews, you can check them too.


Your passion can become your profession with a blog powered by this highly recommended web services company. Make sure you pay a visit to Skystra before choosing any hosting company and don’t forget to tell us about your experience.

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