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How to set up/install WordPress in Localhost on your MacBook air/pro or iMac?
How to set up/install WordPress in Localhost on your MacBook air/pro or iMac?

How to set up/install WordPress in Localhost on your MacBook air/pro or iMac?

Many WordPress users need to set up/ install WordPress in Localhost specifically on Macbook air/pro or iMac. We will show you how to set up / install fresh WordPress in your Localhost. From localhost, you can make WordPress website and then after 100% works, you may transfer it into live server.

First of all, you need to download WordPress installation files from .

You need to click on “Get WordPress” button to download it on your computer.


After downloading the files, you need to extract the zip folder.

if you want to run WordPress on Localhost, you need to run a server on local computer. so, we will use MAMP ( download its free version ) to work on macbook air/pro or iMac. After downloading , At first you need to install MAMP on local computer. Generally you will get all softwares in Applications Directory.

After installation of MAMP software you need to run MAMP server in a simple step.


Start the server and will open a new window in your default browsers.

After installation of MAMP software you will see MAMP folder in the Applications directory.


In htdocs folder, you need to create a folder to keep fresh WordPress files. we’ve created a folder like ‘travel-wp’. we will paste all files int travel-wp folder that we extracted from folder.

And then, we will duplicate “wp-config-sample.php” this file and make a new file name “wp-config.php”. you will find “wp-config-sample.php” file from WordPress files.

we need to configure “wp-config.php” file with some information for these information we need to create Database in phpmyadmin.

To create Database you need to go below url:


if phpmyadmin needs username and password. use below credentials :

username : root
password : root

most important thing that, you need to use updated PHP version for website.

When you see phpmyadmin interface, you need to click on “New” from the top left sidebar . You will see below screens just put a name in “Database Name” and click on the “create” button. Here we created database name”travel-database” .

Now, back to the main folder “travel-wp’ that we created in htdocs folder . Open “wp-config.php” file on any code editor like notepadd++, sublime text etc.

You need to configure this file with database and username. like below screen:

After adding the above details in wp-config file, you need to go below link:


instead of “travel-wp”, you need to add your folder name from htdocs.


You need to select your language from there, we select “english” . just click on “continue” button to proceed the next step. Wait a minute we will finish ASAP.

Now, you need to put below details carefully and keep “username and password” safely because these details required to login.

After fill up this information, you should click on “Install WordPress” button and you will see another screens just click on “Log in” button.


you require to login using your given “username and password”. after successfully login, you will see WordPress Dashboard

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